5 Signs Your Dog Needs Doggy Daycare

For some people, it’s a no brainer that their dog needs to be in doggy daycare. For others, it might not be so obvious. There are countless signs your pup might need a little extra socialization throughout the day. Below is a list of signs your dog, or your dog’s human, might need to visit your local doggy daycare.

Your dog is still hyper or energetic at night

If you return home after a long day of work to find your pup is still hyper, they may not be getting enough exercise and stimulation throughout the day. For many dogs, even a daily walk is not enough exercise to burn up their excess energy. Spending a few hours at doggy daycare is typically enough for most dogs to have a calm and relaxing evening.

Your dog gets excited around other dogs

Not all dogs like to socialize with other dogs, but if yours perks up at the sight of another pup, then more socialization might be needed. Doggy daycare provides excellent socialization opportunities and can be a great way to bring extra happiness to your dog. For the socially needy dogs, spending a day at doggy daycare includes playtime (and nap time) with other pups.

Your dog gives you “that look”

Many dog owners have seen it. That look from your pooch that says, “if you don’t entertain me, I’m going to chew your favorite shoes.” Your dog’s desire for more activity doesn’t always show up in the form of excessive energy. Some dogs will appear bored and lethargic if they aren’t getting enough exercise and socialization. Our pups may not be able to talk to us, but they can certainly communicate still.

Your busy lifestyle doesn’t have extra bandwidth for your dog

People have more and more responsibilities piled on them each year. It’s understandable that you can’t always give your dog enough time and attention they deserve. Whether you are putting in the extra hours at your job in Denver, or need a Colorado mountain retreat, doggy daycare is a convenient way to squeeze your dog’s needs into your busy schedule.

You simply want to spoil your pup

Pets are like family, and you want them treated as such. They may not care if you live in a tiny studio apartment or in a mansion with hundreds of acres, but your pup could always use a little change of scenery. Doggy daycares feature indoor and outdoor play areas with luxuries you sometimes can’t offer your pup at home. Your dogs are sure to enjoy the spacious indoor play areas, shaded outdoor turf fields, and water features at K-9 Castle.

There are many factors that go into deciding if your pup needs doggy daycare. If you’re still unsure if your dog is a good candidate, simply read reviews from happy dog owners or visit your local business.  

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