5 New Year’s Resolutions for Dog Owners

Make 2023 the best year ever for your dog by making (and keeping) these New Year’s Resolutions for dog owners. Whether you have a new puppy or a white-whiskered seasoned buddy, setting an intention to give your dog the best life possible is the noblest of resolutions. From tips that will aid your dog’s health to suggestions for lifelong memories, these dog owner new year’s resolutions are sure to make for the best year for you and your dog. 

New Year’s Resolution 1: Walk Your Dog Every Day

Even if your dog has a large yard to play in, few things will keep your pup happier and healthier than a daily walk. It can be tempting on the cold dark days to just let your dog do their duty and bring them back in, but set aside dedicated time each day for a walk. It doesn’t have to be long or far, but even ten minutes of walking and exploring will do wonders for your dog (and probably your own mental health too). Have the best of intentions, but don’t always follow through? Set an alarm on your phone for the daily walk and stick to it like you would any other appointments. In no time, this will become the highlight of both you and your dog’s day. 

New Year’s Resolution 2: Find a Doggie Daycare

It only takes a few minutes watching a dog daycare webcam to realize doggie daycare is basically the best time a social dog can ever have. From playing with other K-9 friends to splashing in pools to getting head scratches from the caring staff, doggie daycare provides all the social, emotional, and physical needs your pup has. If you have an energetic or social pup and feel guilty leaving them home during the day, make finding a doggie daycare a top priority for your resolutions. Your dog will literally have the time of their life and you’ll enjoy bringing home a calm and happy dog at the end of the day. 

New Year’s Resolution 3: Better & Healthier Treats

Dogs love treats. Dog owners love giving treats. But, too many treats and your pup may need to be joining you on a New Year’s diet. Make a resolution to give your dog yummy and healthy treats they love. To do this, make sure to read the ingredients on the label for treats at the store. Or better yet, make your own from scratch using healthy dog treat recipes online. If in doubt, speak with your veterinarian for treat ideas that will be delicious and healthy for your pup. Check out K-9 Castle’s Instagram for some fun seasonal recipes.

New Year’s Resolution 4: Keep Your Pup Stylish

For some, this new year’s resolution aligns with their own fashion goals. But, keeping your pup stylish doesn’t have to mean dressing them up in silly errr…. fashionable outfits. Maintaining a regular grooming schedule may be just what your pup needs to feel their best. This includes doggie baths, nail clippings, ear cleanings, and haircuts as needed. Also, a new year can be a good time to do an inspection of all their gear like their collar, leash, and harness to make sure it is clean, safe, and functional. These can be fun to update to give your dog a fresh look. And, never underestimate the cute factor of seasonal bandanas to keep your dog the talk of the visitors. 

New Year’s Resolution 5: Monthly Pup-Adventures

Life is short and even shorter for our furry friends. Make the most of the time you have with your pup by planning intentional regular adventures (aka pup-ventures). Whether it’s taking pet photos with Santa, checking out an awesome dog day hike, the headless horseman pumpkin challenge at K-9 Castle, the dog splash day at a local pool, a charity pet race, or a playdate with your dog’s bestie, carve out the time for you and your dog to make memories that will last a lifetime. Be sure to follow K-9 Castle on Instagram and TikTok to get ideas for pup adventures year-round.