A Day in the Life at Doggie Daycare

Your dog comes home happy and exhausted. You’ve checked the webcam. You’ve seen the pictures. But what exactly happens in a day at a Denver doggie daycare? While no two days are ever the same at a dog resort, there is a typical schedule. Here’s a typical day for all the royalty pets at K-9 Castle Dog daycare.

6:30 AM – Boarding dogs are taken outside to play and go potty while their meals are prepared inside. Doggy daycare pups begin arriving for the day. Boarding dogs are fed breakfast and given some time to let the food settle.

7:00 AM – After the dogs have waited 30 minutes post-breakfast for the food to settle (so they don’t get upset stomachs), the dogs are released outside into their groups to play for the day. 

8 AM – The last of the doggie daycare pups arrive and they are split into their play groups for the day. At this point, they are given time to enjoy the facilities, their doggy friends, and receive love from the K-9 Castle staff. 

10 AM – Play time continues throughout the morning. Dogs are given access to climate controlled areas, toys, water features, and more. 

11 :45 AM – After so much puppy play time at dog daycare, it’s time to take a rest. All dogs head inside for nap time (and lunch where applicable) in their own individual rooms.To ensure they can get the best rest after so much play, all the lights are turned off and calming music is turned on. This is the time for the dogs to get their beauty rest.

2 PM-  Dogs wake up from their nap and are given free time with their pup friends in their group outside. At this point, any dogs who have requested pampering services, like grooming, will be pulled in to receive their services, but they are able to play before and/or after. 

4 PM – Some of the daycare dogs are getting picked up, while others still wait for their parents while playing with their pup friends. Dogs are able to play outside until their owners come for pick up.

6 PM – It’s dinner time for the boarding dogs. Their rooms are made up with beds and everything is prepped for them to come inside for the evening. The boarding dogs and last of the doggy daycare pups still get to play and enjoy their facilities.

6:30 PM – Boarding dogs are brought to their private rooms and suites. They are given dinner, medications, and settle into their rooms for the night. Any remaining daycare pups get to unwind for the last 30 minutes in an individual room or one of the indoor yards. 

7:00 PM – It’s been a long, fun, day and now it’s time for lights out. Boarding dogs are “tucked in” and receive some goodnight love from the workers. Then, the lights are turned off and pups enjoy a bedtime playlist so they can sleep well. 

A day in the life at K-9 Castle is full of adventure, pampering, relaxation, and time with pup friends. But the best part of doggy daycare or boarding? They get to do it all again tomorrow!

Iona Playing in Pool at K-9 Castle Denver Dog Daycare
A Day in the Life at Denver Dog Daycare