Professional Experience

Overnight services while you're on vacation, taking advantage of the weather, having a party, renovating the house or even a date night! We are here to care for your pup(s) while you're away!

Boarding Spaces

All boarding stays include daycare during daycare hours! Pup's will only be in their rooms during breakfast, nap time and overnight. 
Pup's are let out for a potty break first thing in the morning. They are then placed back in their rooms for breakfast. Their tummies will settle for 30 minutes and then they are taken out to their play group! Then they will get to play until about 11:45 a.m. where they will be brought in for nap time. After their nap, they go back out to play group until about 6:30 p.m. for dinner!


Cooper's Manor


Thor's Castle



Small Dog Condos

Cooper's Manor are our small to medium  dog condos. These condos have a middle wall that can be removed to add more space to the condo. Pup's are assigned condos and will receive water, a blanket and their food while in their condo overnight.

Medium to Big Dog Rooms

Thor's Castle are our Medium to Big Dog Rooms (6x4). Pup's are assigned to these rooms and are provided with cot beds, water and their food overnight.

An Upgraded Stay

There are two suites available for boarding pups to stay at our Denver location. These suites are 6x8 rooms that house a toddler bed and bedding for a comfy overnight stay. Pup's are also provided with water and their food overnight. Pup's love these beds and often don't want to leave the comfort of their beds.


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