Lakewood Royalty of the Month of Feb 2021


Peanut is Queen of the Month of March 2021! Peanut is a cuddle bug! She loves to play with toys whether she's playing catch, or soccer. She also LOVES to be in front of the camera. One of her favorite things to do is to stand between staff members legs and watch for all and any activity. We're so happy to have Peanut as a part of our family!


Denver Royalty of the month for February 2021


Lucy is the Queen of the Month of March 2021. Since her first day, she has been a delight to have join us! She gets along with everyone and keeps them on their toes! She loves to wrestle, play chase and roll on her back in front of her friends to encourage them to play with her. She also keeps our staff laughing with her silly faces.

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