Why Denver is the Best City for Dogs

What is more Denver than spending the summer, exploring new local trails, camping in the great outdoors, and trying new breweries for happy hour? Of course, all of these activities are planned to bring every Denverite’s best friend, their dog, along for the adventures. With over 300 days of sunshine yearly, there are many reasons why Denver is the best city for dogs (and their owners). 

Adventurous, active, and always willing to try something new are words that characterize people who live in Denver; people stay in the city–and people move to the city–because they have a spirit that craves learning, exploring, and breaking out of a routine. As a shelter-friendly area, an estimated 27% of Denverites own a furry companion. Of course, a dog fits perfectly into this lifestyle, and can even be a motivator in planning excursions. 

Denver is the best city to raise a dog in because of the multitude of activities and adventures furry companions can tag along: 

Dogs can go virtually everywhere:  

The hardware store, the craft store, out to eat, to the park, baseball games; a dog that goes on continual adventures is a happy dog (and also a dog that will sleep through the night). Many places in Denver offer dog-specific amenities, such as dog bowls, dog treats, pup cups, dog cots, dog walk ways, etc.

Dogs are a great way to connect with other Denver-ites

Scheduling puppy playdates, connecting about the newest training regime, or sharing about a new, fun place to take dogs, having a dog is a great way to connect with other people. This can happen at the dog park, finding dog meetup groups on social media, or just by walking dogs outside. Everyone loves to talk about their dogs!

Dogs(and dog owners) will never be bored

Because of Denver’s distinct change of seasons, dogs (and Denver dog-owners) will never get bored of taking their dogs out and everyday can bring a new adventure.

Spring: dogs can enjoy romping around the massive trail systems (such as Bear Creek Lake Park) and dog parks (such as Chatfield or Cherry Creek).

Summer: dogs can go back to their roots and enjoy sleeping in the great outdoors, smelling new wildlife habitats, and maybe even jumping into a snow-melt lake to cool off.

Fall: dogs can enjoy tagging along on coffee dates and brewery tours. Many Denver breweries offer a puppy snack and water bowl outside some even offer heated patio seating for year-round pup-friendly experiences.

Winter: dogs will love rolling around in the snow and accompanying their owners on snowshoeing quests, such as at Myers Ranch Park in Jefferson County. 

Denver offers convenient doggie daycare options

Whenever the dog cannot tag along, there are helpful options, such as K9 Castle, to keep dogs occupied while Denver dog-owners run errands, or work (because, obviously dog-owners must make money in order to support their dog’s lavish lifestyles). Whether the dog is in need of a few hours of puppy playtime or an overnight boarding, resort-style doggie daycares, such as K9 Castle, the dog owner can drop off their furry companion guilt-free, knowing that their dog “will be treated like royalty”. 

In fact, because of the resort-style amenities, K9 Castle has become Denver’s best doggy daycare. With two convenient locations in Lakewood and Denver, dog dads and dog moms can drop their furry companions off for a half or full day of fun–which can include splashing around in the water feature, sunbathing in the climate controlled environments, getting pets from play attendants, or nuzzling with a new friend. When the work meeting goes a little too long, I-70 ski traffic is backed up, or dog-parent guilt starts to set in, a simple log into the K9 Castle website will allow dog dad or dog mom to look at the webcams and see what their furry friend is up to (guaranteed that the dog is not sad about missing the work meeting when they are frolicking around at dog day care!) 

Whether Denver dog owners say, “are you ready for a hike?!”, “are you going to the brewery?”, or, “are you going to play with your friends at doggie daycare?”, it is cue for the furry companion that fun will be had, and as pet-owners, seeing dogs living their best life is the most fulfilling aspect of being a dog owner.