Your Pet is Treated like Royalty

K-9 Castle will be there to feed, walk, play, and of course hug your pets.

Keeping Your Pets Happy, Healthy and Feeling Loved

Denver & Lakewood area pet care LOCATIONS

Denver Dog Daycare - Dogs at Play

Need a place for your pup while you’re at work or out for the day? K-9 Castle provides a safe, fun dog daycare for your pups to hang out and play! 

Denver Dog Boarding at K-9 Castle

Overnight dog boarding services while you’re on vacation, taking advantage of the weather, having a party, renovating the house or even a date night! We are here to care for your pup(s) while you’re away!

Experienced bathers for spa services including bathing, nails, teeth, ears, and more.      


Vaccination & Spay/Neuter Policy

All pups visiting K-9 Castle for grooming, daycare or boarding must have proof of up-to-date Rabies, Distemper-Parvo and Bordetella vaccinations. Proof of vaccination can be uploaded to your account via the parent portal or emailed to

Dogs over 1 year of age must also be spayed/neutered before visiting K-9 Castle.

What & What Not to Bring

K-9 Castle provides everything your pup may need to have a great time during their visit, all you’ll need to bring is their food and any medications that they may need administered throughout the day. Medications should be brought in their original packaging, both for prescription and over the counter medications. We also ask that personal toys and belongings stay home to ensure no one’s favorite chew toy or bed-time cuddle buddy gets lost or damaged.

Please bring lunches or snacks in an air-tight container with your pup’s name on it, or one that you won’t mind us writing on.

K9 Castle REVIEWs



Lakewood - King Troy

Troy is a true King in every sense of the word. He is polite, confident, happy, and loved by all. His family has been part of K-9 Castle for 17 years. I remember meeting him the first time and being amazed at how big he was at such a young age. He would run from me when it was time to soak him with the hose or drag him to the pool to cool him off during the hot summer days. (Moms orders of course.) After about a dozen times, I would call his name while standing by the pool and gesture with my hand, while telling him to “come”, and Troy would stop in his tracks, put his head down and walk over to me, head up the ramp and finally climb into the pool, sulking the entire way. This was all for his benefit of course and his mom would have a talk with him and tell him “Michelle’s only trying to keep you cool, you listen to Michelle and do what she says”.

Troy is a Kuvasz, completely white and he yet he always manages to find the wettest, dirtiest place in the yard to lay down. If he can’t find a wet spot to lay in, Troy knows where the best cool spots are to lay down. All K-9 Castle staff past and present know when Troy is in their play area, not just due to his size but because he always makes a point of greeting each employee with a nose either from the front or behind (in our private parts). I honestly, think he knows what he is doing and would enjoy staff screaming his name as he walked away to “goose” the next staff member while grinning and I am sure laughing as he completes his “HELLO’S”

The last few months have proven to be difficult, he is feeling his age for a large breed and having a difficult time standing and walking and needs assistance more than we would like to see. His mom spoils him and his brother and he is so lucky to have such a loving family. He’s received the best of care and knows how much companionship and love his life has given to his mom, brother and staff at K-9 Castle.

Troy will always be King of K-9 Castle.

We will miss him beyond words when he crosses the Rainbow bridge.

Santa Fe - Queen Iona

Hip Hip Hooray for Queen Iona, the Santa Fe Royalty of the Month. Iona has been a member of our royal court for a little over a year now and what a year it’s been! As soon as Iona walks in the door, she’s ready to have some fun with her furry friends. She loves splashing around in the pond or searching for toys in the water, playing fetch, or wrestling with her pals likes Wilma and Diego. There’s never a dull moment when Iona visits and we wouldn’t have it any other way!


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