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K-9 Castle will be there to feed, walk, play, and of course hug your pets.

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Need a place for your pup while you’re at work or out for the day? K-9 Castle provides a safe, fun dog daycare for your pups to hang out and play!              

Denver Dog Boarding at K-9 Castle

Overnight dog boarding services while you’re on vacation, taking advantage of the weather, having a party, renovating the house or even a date night! We are here to care for your pup(s) while you’re away!

Denver Dog Grooming - K-9 Castle

Experienced Denver dog groomers for spa services including hair cuts, bathing, nails, teeth, ears, and more.      

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Santa Fe - King Hudson

Three cheers for Santa Fe’s Royalty of the Month, King Hudson! Having Hudson join our royal court back in February was a great way to start off the New Year and it’s been an adventure watching him grow in the months sense. When he first started daycare, Hudson was only 4 months old and barely tall enough to jump up on the play cubes by himself but with every visit, he seems to get bigger and bigger as does his personality. Hudson loves a good game of fetch with friends like Luna and Nelly and he’s always up to wrestle or chase with his pals Jimmie and Moose! King Hudson has a way of brightening everyone’s day, no matter if they have four legs or two! Hip Hip Hooray, King Hudson!

Lakewood - Queen Milo

Talk about a tiny pup with big personality! Queen Milo might be small (weighing in at around 6 pounds) but she’s full to the brim with love and shares it with everyone she meets at the Lakewood Castle, big or small, human or canine. When Queen Milo arrives in the morning, she sets right to working handing out kisses left and right before getting out to the yard to wrestle and play with pals like Face, Frodo, Whiskey and Miles. When it’s time to unwind, she’ll gladly find a nice spot to lay down and cuddle with some of the older pups, especially Troy, or she’ll find a play attendant to snuggle up with! We’re so excited to announce Milo as our Queen of the Month!


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