Finding the Best Doggie Daycare for Your Dog

Socialization. Happier dog. Peace of Mind. The benefits of doggie daycare are numerous for both the playful pup and the pet parents. While picking the best doggie daycare for your pet can be overwhelming, there are several things you can do as a pet parent to feel confident in your choice. We break down five key things to look for to find the best doggie daycare for your pup.

1. Place Dog (And People) Safety First

One of the most important steps in selecting the best dog daycare is making sure the facility makes safety their top priority. Do some research prior to visiting and inquire about safety protocols for both the dogs and their people. Ask about vaccine requirements, certifications/training of staff members, facility security, and plans in case of an emergency. Also look for things like climate controlled areas, secure fencing and gates, webcams, and staff to dog ratios..

2. Prioritize Dog Daycare Facility Visit & Tour

Once you’ve verified the basics, there is absolutely no substitute for visiting the doggy daycare with your pup. Visiting the facility is a great time to familiarize yourself with the amenities, meet the staff, and give your pup an opportunity to interact. Many K-9 Castle require a temperament test, where your dog gets to spend a day at the facility to ensure it’s a fit for both your dog and the daycare. This is essentially a trial run and a very important step in selecting the best doggy daycare.

3. Understand Type of Dog Play

Depending on your dog’s temperament, age, and play style, they may need different atmospheres. Some day cares are dog park style, meaning all dogs play together in one area. However, many doggy daycares offer separated play areas based on dog size, so even the smallest of pups can feel confident in play.

4. Check for Other Pet Services

Finding a doggie daycare which offers other pet services can ensure your pup has easy access to necessary services in an environment they enjoy. Many dog daycares also offer overnight pet boarding, grooming, and basic pet supplies. For example, K-9 Castle offers overnight boarding which also includes daytime doggy daycare for a true pet resort experience. This allows pups to be far more comfortable and relaxed while being groomed or boarded, as it is a place they are familiar with.

5. Location, location, location.

While there are many other considerations, the location of the doggie daycare is a major factor. Ideally, the best doggie daycare would be the closest one, but that can also be limiting. Keep an open mind and then set a realistic travel time, and then explore all the options within that area. In addition to near your home, keep in mind locations that may be along routes or near places you frequent. For example, if your dog typically goes to doggie daycare while you work or travel, look for places along your entire commute.