K-9 Guide: Choosing the Best Dog Boarding

It’s vacation season and like millions of others, you may be planning your first trip in a while. While we’d love bring our dogs with us, sometimes it’s just not possible. Whether going on a business trip, visiting out-of-town family, or going on a dream vacation, as a pet owner, often the first concern is finding a place for your pup. Pet boarding provides a safe, reliable, and comfortable option so your pet can enjoy some relaxation of his own – and you can relax knowing your furry friend is being well cared for. 

Benefits of Overnight Dog Boarding

While there are several options for pet care while out of town, boarding provides many benefits over other options. Most importantly, you can rest assured knowing your pet has 24 hour professional care. Staff members are trained professionals to ensure your pet is not only comfortable and content, but safe as well.

  • 24 / 7 care
  • Lots of activities and love
  • Professionally trained staff
  • Socialization opportunities for your dog
  • Webcams so you can check in on your dog any time
  • Nutrition, medication, and care
  • Don’t have to prepare your home for pet sitters
  • Easy drop off and pick up

Finding the Right Pet Boarding Location

It’s important to not only consider convenience, but quality of care and facilities when choosing a pet boarding location. It may be worth the extra 10 minute drive to find a facility that meets all of your pet needs. For example, at K-9 Castle, boarded dogs also get to partake in doggie daycare. This means that rather than just being in their kennel, they get to play with other dogs throughout the day and receive lots of love and attention.

Consider areas not only near your home, but that may be on the way with your travels, like near the airport or on your out of town. This will make travel days easier and often give you a bit more bonus time with your pet on the way to and and from your travels. 

Types of Dog Boarding

There are many types of overnight stay options when boarding. Most dog boarders offer options for your pet. These can range from smaller and more economical options, like the “condo” at K-9 Castle, which provides a traditional kennel space. Or, if your dog needs a bit more room, you can often find suites that provide some extra room. K-9 Castle provides options ranging from dog condos (most economical) up to dog palaces (largest). Regardless of your choice, your dog will always be treated like royalty. 

Popular Dog Resort Boarding Features

Pet boarding has expanded far beyond just providing a kennel for your dog into full doggy resorts. There are many options for care and enhanced services so your pup can enjoy a resort experience while you are away. Here are a few services to inquire about as you find a pet boarder. 

  • Doggy daycare during the day
  • Grooming
  • Nail Trims
  • Baths
  • TLC Time
  • Dog Acupuncture
  • Climate controlled indoor and outdoor play areas
  • Enhanced bedding / rooms / toys
  • Veterinary care

Cost of Dog Boarding

Pet boarding prices vary greatly depending on area, services, size, and even seasonality. As you budget for your trip, you’ll want to be sure to factor in pricing for your dog’s stay as well. The national average for pet boarding can range from $45-$90+ a night, but will often be on the higher end in areas where the cost of living is higher and in major cities. 

Prices will also vary depending on the size of the room you choose and additional features. There are often discounts on longer stays as well. For example, K-9 Castle allows customers to purchase a 10 night package for a discount and use the nights through the year. You can view K-9 Castle’s Denver Dog Boarding Rates for example prices. 

Questions to Ask

Once you’ve narrowed down your potential dog boarding locations to a few, you’ll want to make sure you know exactly what to expect before booking your pup’s stay. Don’t be shy in asking questions to ensure both you and your pup are fully prepared. Here are a few questions you’ll want to ask before booking:

  • Will there be a trained employee at in the facility 24/7?
  • What times are available for pick up and drop off?
  • Is there flexibility in pick up time in case of travel delay?
  • What vaccinations are required prior to boarding?
  • Are employees trained in pet first aid and basic care?
  • How often will my dog be out of their kennel/room?
  • Do employees interact/play/engage with the dogs?
  • How far in advance do I need to book?
  • Can dogs be boarded together? (if you have multiple dogs)


While there are many factors to consider when selecting the best dog boarding for your pup, the multitude of options ensures your pet is well-cared for when your away. By choosing a location that is not only convenient, but provides top services, you can rest assured knowing your pet is having a great time while you are away. If you are interested in Denver dog boarding at K-9 Castle, click the link for more information or call 303-237-4901.