7 Questions to Ask Your Doggie Daycare

Finding the best dog daycare for your dog is an important task. If you’ve never looked for a dog daycare, the process can be a bit overwhelming. However, a little preparation can go a long ways in making the best decision. Start with these 7 questions to ensure you pick the best dog daycare for your furry friend. 

1. What is the staff to dog ratio?

You want to make sure your pup is receiving all the love possible while being in a safe and controlled enviroment. Asking this question will let you understand not only the individualized attention available to your dog, but the overall safety of all dogs there. For a facility with active dogs like a dog daycare, the Pet Care Services Association recommends a minimum of 1:15 ratio (one active employee for every 15 dogs), though many facilities often have a lower ratio, like 1:10. The lower the ratio, the more staff available to ensure all dogs are having the time of their life.

2. How much play time vs. kennel time will the dog get in a day?

For most dog owners, the primary goal of a dog daycare is for their dog to get as much play time and stimulation as their pup desires. It’s imporatnt to understand exactly how much time your dog will have for open playing, whether outdoors or indoors. Some facilties have a set rotation of time between indoor, outdoor, and kennel time, while others have unlimited “free” time, where the dog can play as much (or as little) as they like. In addition to play time available, be sure to ask about feeding schedules, treat time, and other daily routines, so you know exactly what your pup is up to while away. Many place, like K-9 Castle, even offer webcams so you can watch your pup at play  all day.

3. What pet medical certifications and training do staff members have?

This is one of those questions we hope will never have to come into use, but with dogs at play, things do occasionally happen. Before selecting a dog daycare, be sure to ask about the training and certifications of staff members. Reputable facilities should provide pet first aid trainings for their staff. May often even have a certified vet tech on site, or close relationships with a nearby veterinarian in case of an emergency. 

4. What is the criteria for a dog to be accepted to doggie daycare?

Each dog daycare facility may vary in their requirements for accepting new dogs. Make sure you are familiar with their process and any criteria required. Remember, any pre-visit consultation or temperment checks are for the safety of your pet and others. You want to make sure the facility is a perfect match for your pet and vice versa. Look for answers that include up-to-date vaccines and don’t be afraid to ask for specifics. Many facilities also have policies regarding spay/neuter requirements and minimum ages. 

5. What facilities and amenities available during doggie daycare?

Before you decide on a dog daycare, be sure to visit the facility and ask to see the different amenities. Some doggie daycare’s like K-9 Castle in Denver provide multiple play areas inside and outside, and even offer water features for the pups to play in. Some offer different play areas depending on the size or temperament of the dog. Look for facilities which also offer climate controlled indoor spaces and covered outdoor space as well, because sometimes the weather just isn’t great for playing. 

6. What additional services are available?

Some dog daycares are simply dog daycares, and that’s great. But, it’s helpful to know what other services are available for your pup. After all, if your pet loves his doggy daycare, it may make it much easier to have a one-stop place for all your pet needs. Many dog daycares also offer grooming, basic vet care, and boarding services. Some offer extra features with spa days, pet massages, and doggie baths. This can make your dog daycare the hub for all of your pets basic needs.

7. Can you provide references form current customers?

There’s just no substitute for a recommendation from an actual customer. If you don’t know anyone who uses the dog daycare, don’t be shy in asking the dog daycare for contact information from some customers. Those clients will be able to provide you the best insight into the advantages and potential drawbacks of the doggy daycare.


Asking the right questions before selecting a dog daycare can save time and ensure your pup is at the best facility for them. Choosing a doggy daycare that is not only affordable and convenient, but provides top amenities and prioritizes safety will allow you to rest assured knowing your pup is having a great time while you are away. If you are interested  Denver dog daycare at K-9 Castle, click the link for more information or call 303-237-4901.